Friday, June 14, 2013

Work in Progress

New York has been rainy, so I've been struggling to get out to take photos.

The weather, coupled with work scheduling and running errands, has been slowing my blogging down. I don't intend for it to stay down. I'm working on it. Making things more routine, or at least more fun.

sweater: Ann Taylor
shorts: Rugby Ralph Lauren

Friday, June 7, 2013


I love water.

I think it's so cool. 
The way it moves, the clear color, the neutral pH, all the life it holds, and more.

The oceans are some of the last frontiers on Earth, and who knows if we'll even conquer them.

The Hudson River is kind of gross, but I love water, so I sit close by and watch.

The boats.
The shimmering blanket of water.
The waves that reach shore.

My dream is to learn to surf in Hawaii.
Spend days at a time in shorts and bathing suits.

That would be great.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Lovely Things

Things I love: A list

Giving gifts to loved ones
Sweet things
Being in church
Reminiscing with old friends
Being near the ocean
Warm feelings
S'mores (I know! It's a sweet thing)
A fresh coat of nail polish
The gummy smile of babies
New clothes
Family get-togethers
The Christmas/New Year season
Making art
Spending time with B

Friday, May 31, 2013

Stormy Weather

NYC weather has been crazy lately. One day will be chilly, the next warm and summery, the next stormy and flooded.

For some reason I decided not to wear my Hunter rain boots and ended up getting caught in the rain four times that day. 

To be fair it was very, very hot that morning and throughout the day. Even through the rain.

...and this was not just normal prissy rain.

Noah's ark style downpours. 
(well not really, I can still see the ground)

I have a blister to prove how comfortable it is to wear Danish clogs while power walking flooded Manhattan streets for 3 hours.


Yeah it was. Sorry!

shirt: nordstrom
jeggings: zara
shoes (not pictured): banana republic
necklace: j crew

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


I have a love/hate relationship with the wind. I have mostly fine strands in my hair, so if I encounter even a slight breeze, all of the hair on my head takes flight. Some days it's fun, others I just want to see where I'm going.

Manhattan's grid layout makes for easier understanding of maps, but it also causes wind-tunnels. So I can walk with ease down a street, but once I get the the corner...

...I struggle just to stand my ground instead of following the wind.

It's probably a good metaphor for life. Most things these days become decent metaphors for life. 
Life may try to blow you any which way, but you have to push through! 


I'll just buy more hair bands.

leather jacket: french connection
sweater: club monaco (men's)
tank top: bdg 
jeans: zara
shoes: banana republic

Friday, May 24, 2013

Spoonful of Sugar

A major issue in NYC that comes up frequently is the issue of preserving historic buildings versus tearing them down to make room for new ones. Many native New Yorkers are upset because it seems that much of the city is constantly being demo'ed and prepped for new buildings. The buildings, which can house more people, are needed, but the cost is tearing down favorite buildings and pricing out natives to make room for the younger people who are brand new to the city and are willing to pay a premium.

Part of this change has resulted in the renovation and construction of many waterfront parks in New York City boroughs. They are beautiful and feel like an escape from the crowded city. I guess they're the spoonful of sugar that make the medicine of condominium construction go down.

dress: Asos
sweater: Zara
shoes: converse

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


I feel especially blessed. I find myself being given great items, spending time with great people, and progressing in a way that I haven't in a long time. Sure I'm tired sometimes. Many days are not peachy perfect. Regardless of any little flubs and errors, I'm feeling pretty solid about everything. That makes me happy.

I'm really loving sweaters with shorts and white dresses with black tights and black shoes lately. Weather in NYC has been up and down daily.

headband: Ricky's NYC
dress: American Eagle
shoes: Banana Republic